Breast enhancement options for women


Women around the world, always make a special effort to look beautiful. They like to look attractive to the opposite sex and other females too. Unfortunately, not everyone is gifted with a naturally curvy figure. Some women have ample breasts while others do not. This article is for women who are presently looking for ways to increase the size of their bust.

The size of your breastsnkhm,btv

Many women find that others who are the same age as them have bigger breasts than they do. This causes them to feel unattractive and also lose self-confidence. The reason for not having big breasts is simply the lack of a hormone called estrogen. It is responsible for the development of breast tissues, and if you do not have enough, your breast will no grow. You can read more to learn what options are available if you wish to increase your bust line.

Non-invasive methods

These are techniques that do not involve any sort of surgery. They include using creams and gels that penetrate the body through the skin and help the body develop breast tissues. They are often made using natural ingredients and have no significant side effects on your health, They are not expensive and in fact, can be used in privacy, so no one knows that you are trying to increase your bust size. They have been known to be very effective, and many women see a significant improvement in a matter of 90 days.

You will not have to take time off work or deal with the risks of going under the knife when you use such products. The only thing you must keep in mind is that you buy from a reliable supplier who has an excellent track record for delivering high-quality products.s

Breast implants

ktgmlf,Many women turn to this method for increasing their bust size. Not everyone can afford it, but it is becoming cheaper every year. There are, however, a few risks involved with this method. Like with any surgery, things can go wrong is if you are not in good health. The body can also reject the implant which is normally made of silicone. If this happens, you will have to undergo another operation to remove the implant.


Breast are one feature in women that makes them feel feminine and beautiful. If you are not blessed with a decent sized, you can consider increasing them with a safe method like a breast enhancement gel.


Mental Health Counselor Education Requirements

Mental health counselor is a specialist who has the authority to provide diagnosis, consultation, and treatment of mentally ill patients. They are responsible for diagnosing and providing support and medical care to people in the hospital, home or other health care settings related to mental health conditions. The main role of these specialized counselors is to evaluate a patient’s mental health, form a plan of counseling treatment and implement psychotherapeutic measures to treat them. Let us have a look at the mental health counselor education requirements.

Mental health counselor education requirements needed


dfcgvbnvbbnnTo be a mental health counselor, you need to go through a rather rigorous amount of schooling. The entire process requires obtaining a bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree and finally entering into a Doctorate or Ph.D. program. You may earn a degree in psychology, sociology, social work or any other subject related to social sciences. The college you choose should be accredited by the

Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs

The program comprises of both clinical and theory classes and includes topics like mental health counseling strategies, psychotherapy, family structure of mental health patients, ethics in psychology, etc. During the classroom classes, you learn how to get your clients to open up to you and how to identify and categorize various issues related to mental or emotional health issues. The curriculum for mental health counseling also covers addiction and drug abuse. The educational requirements may vary from state to state.


To practice as a mental health specialist, you need to do some field work by taking some additional training after completing your studies. It can be an internship or residency program where you spend at least 1,500 to 2,000 hours working in clinical settings. The training is supervised by licensed therapists.

Licensing and certifications

The mental health counselor education requirements are incomplete without a State license. After the completion of your studies and training, you need to pass a background test and license examination. The professional counseling examination is authorized by State.
You need to renew your license by participating in continuing education. This may include attending lectures, classes, and complete research papers.

Skills required

xcvbnmvbnmmA mental health therapist should have some necessary skills to build a rapport with their patient. They should possess good interpersonal skills, communication and analytical skills and critical thinking skills to evaluate the situation and develop the plan of treatment. The therapist should be prepared to work with difficult and sometimes combative patients.


4 Mental Effects Of Smoking Tobacco

Non-smokers probably wonder about the value that smokers derive from puffing away on several sticks of cigarette in a day. It is common knowledge that smoking tobacco has several negative effects on the physical health of an addict. Research has however shown that the mental effects are just as bad.

Here are mental effects of smoking tobacco

Anxiety disorder

dfcgvhbbnm,Smoking tobacco increases anxiety since the feeling of relaxation is usually short-lived. A lot of people who engage in this practice do so to calm their nerves or relieve tension. The surprising fact is that it has the opposite effect. People who suffer from anxiety disorder are usually discouraged from using cigarettes because such habits aggravate their conditions. Somebody who is anxious or tensed all the time finds it difficult to focus and perform tasks to the best of his or her abilities. Many tobacco addicts become more restless when they’ve not had their daily doses of nicotine.


Many people also smoke cigarettes to relieve stress. This is a wrong approach because they fail to deal with the underlying causes of this mental condition. Even though smoking tobacco can bring peace of mind to the addicts, the effects are temporary and wear off fast. The stress returns after that, only much worse. This can eat into a person, limiting his or her ability to live life fully and pursue goals and dreams. Using cash to buy tobacco products can also cause financial stress to the users especially since they have to spend to satisfy their cravings on a daily basis.


Tobacco use has the bad effect of making it hard to manage depression. This is because nicotine prompts the human brain to realize dopamine, the neurotransmitter responsible for positive moods. Such dependence limits the natural ability of the brain to perform this function and in the process makes it hard to manage depression without nicotine in the body system. People who suffer from depression have more severe nicotine withdrawal symptoms.

Mental illness

fdcvbnbnnm,Research has shown that the more a person smokes, the more he or she is likely to develop mental illness. The relation between the two has however not been established. Many of those who report mental health problems have been discovered to be people who use tobacco excessively according to some studies carried out.

Other mental effects of smoking tobacco

Some of the other mental effects of smoking tobacco include complication of psychiatric treatments and also anger issues due to ease of irritability. People who smoke tend to get angry for no apparent reason when they have not received their daily supply of nicotine.