Spay/Neuter Program

With the gracious volunteer cooperation of Clearwater Animal Hospital plus veterinarians, Jazzpurr Society For Animal Protection is neutering as many stray and feral cats as human and financial resources permit. This program is ideal for those compassionate members of our community who are already caring for homeless animals but cannot afford veterinary care for them. This approach to solving the stray and feral cats program is endorsed by 83% of the population of the city of Windsor.

The Problem: Too many abandoned cats, not enough homes

The Solution: Trap/Neuter/Manage

  1. Trap and Transport: Gently bring them to our clinic.
  2. Neuter - Treat - Identify: Vaccinate, treat ailments, identify, spay/neuter all stray and feral cats.
  3. Return to Managed Colonies to have the "Best Quality of Life Possible" caring for them in managed feral colonies for the rest of their lives.

The Results:
  1. A Proud, Decent, Compassionate Community
  2. Important, valuable work for volunteers, feral colony managers and helpers
  3. A quality life for the cats
  4. Zero Population Growth
  5. Elimination of Undesirable Behaviours

Jazzpurr Society's Spay/Neuter Clinic Protocols

To assist other communities who wish to implement a no-kill solution, we are posting all of our Standard Operating Procedures for our Spay/Neuter Program for Stray and Feral Cats. In developing our policies and procedures, we wish to acknowledge and thank the information and advice provided by many groups and individuals, including The Feral Cats Coalition, Alley Cat Allies, Dr. Susan Little (Bytown Hospital, Ottawa), Dr. Chuck Fuerth (Brack Animal Hospital, Windsor), Dr. Karri Beck (Doncaster Clinic, Toronto), Dr. Murray McMullen (Clearwater Animal Hospital, Windsor), the San Francisco SPCA and many others.

1998 Position Paper on the Feral Cat Problem in the City of Windsor
Admissions Screening
Admissions and Records
Neutering Request Form
Clinic Agreement
Humane Trapping Instructions
Surgical Packs
Anesthesia Procedures
Anesthesia Monitoring
Clinic Jobs
Rompun-Ketamine Doses
Ear Tipping
Post Op Care
Physical Exam/ Surgical Report
Surgery Prep
Anaesthetic recovery
Post-Op Transportation
Discharge Instructions - Male
Discharge Instructions - Female

At the present time, we are conducting clinics one or two afternoons per month.
Each such clinic costs us $500 (Canadian). We invite you to become a clinic sponsor.
Your sponsorship can be recognized in our newsletter and you will receive a full membership and tax receipt.

To become a sponsor, please send your full name, mailing address, phone number and $500 to

Jazzpurr Society
647 Ouellette Avenue,
Windsor, ON, N9A 4J4

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