A Special Invitation for Jazzpurr Juniors*

Write and Tell Us: Scruffy

How you love your cat, or

How you know your cat loves you, or

How you know your cat's feelings, or

How you talk to your cat, or

How your cat talks to you, or

All of the above.


Send us a one-page true story on one or more of the above along with a photo of you and your cat and we will publish the best story each month on the internet.

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Cat Jokes

Q       What is the difference between a dog and a cat?
A       A dog will drop everything and come when you call. A cat will check its schedule, and fit you in.

Q       What is the cats all-time favorite song?
A       Three Blind Mice!

Q       What is another name for a cat's home?
A       A scratch pad!

Q       Why do cats lick milk out of bowls?
A       They do not know how to use straws

Q       What do cats eat for breakfast?
A       Mice Crispies

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