The Jazzpurr Society For Animal Protection was founded by Dorit M. Girash and a stray kitten named Jazzpurr.

It became incorporated as a Not-For-Profit Corporation in October of 1992 and has been recognized as a Registered Charity by Revenue Canada since May of 1993.

From 1992 to June 1996, Jazzpurr Cat Care Society aided cats through City-approved foster homes and extensive public education and counselling programs.

In June of 1996, Windsor City Council unanimously approved the opening of Jazzpurr House, Windsor's first and only no-kill, no-cage shelter for homeless cats and kittens.

Winter of 1999 saw the opening of Windsor and Essex County's first and only free spay/neuter clinic for homeless cats.

All Society funds come from its members and from the efforts of volunteer fund-raisers.

Mission statement:
"To facilitate the development of a more compassionate community in which companion animals and other living beings are respected individually and as partners within the interconnected web of earthly life."

Operating a no-kill, no-cage shelter for homeless cats and kittens

Vigorously promoting loving and responsible animal companion guardianship by individuals and the community

Solving the animal companion overpopulation problem by facilitating reproduction controls.

Collaborating with other agencies in our community (and world-wide) in reducing and eliminating abuse and violence toward all living beings