What a joyful experience
Adopting a cat for you and your family to love

A cat or kitten will give you total and unconditional love all its life. He or she will cuddle with you, purr at your touch, never ever criticize anything about you, never hog the phone or the bathroom, and never ever let you down. Your new companion will ask very little in return - - safety, shelter, stability, love, play, nutritious food, and medical care.

Just as people have personalities, so do cats. Just as people have preferred lifestyles, so do cats. And, just as some people have special needs, so do some cats. Although cats adapt to human lifestyles better than any other animal, there are little adjustments that we should make to allow our companions to have the healthiest and happiest life in our human homes.

Our adoption process serves two purposes: one, to match you with a compatible companion, and secondly, to help you and the cat have a long and happy relationship. We take a little extra care in the beginning, in order to prevent the trauma and stress of an unsuccessful adoption.

The Adoption Process:
To adopt any animal companion, your whole household should be included in the entire process. Bringing a new family member into the home will affect everyone in it and it is important that everyone shares in this exciting time.

When you come to adopt a Jazzpurr cat, you will be asked first to answer a few questions. We will need to see some proof of identity, and we will ask you for a reference. This is all to match you with the ideal companion and assure a successful adoption. Our adoption counsellor will discuss with you the histories and personalities of one or more cats that might be suitable matches with you and invite you to visit with them.

Before you take the kitty home, you will be asked to sign an adoption contract and pay a membership fee. Although it is not required, we truly appreciate donations to help us pay for the excellent but expensive care that your kitty has received from us, so that we can continue to care for more homeless and abandoned felines. The medical care that your kitty has received would cost well over $500. In addition, you will receive literature on cat care, the kitty's health certificate, and all the resources that a whole Society of cat lovers can give you to ensure a successful relationship with your new family member.

There will be a one-day waiting period to allow you and your family to discuss this decision in private, and for us to verify and approve your application. You will be required to transport the kitty in an approved safety carrier.


After the Adoption:
Our commitment to the cat and to you does not stop when you drive away. It will last the lifetime of the cat(s). A major component of the adoption process is to acquaint you with all the wonderful resources available to you as a Jazzpurr member.

If problems develop, we will be there to help - you will have available to you both written and in-person counselling to help solve almost any problem that could arise. If however, you cannot keep the cat, we take her or him back.

And if you lose your loving companion, we will be there to help your through the grief.

As a Jazzpurr member, you will have access to our library, will be invited to meetings, social events, courses, seminars, kids' day camps, and many special events, both fun and educational.

You will be an "owner" of Jazzpurr House, can nominate, vote, run and serve on the Board of Directors, thereby setting policies and directions that will change the way our community cares for its animals.

If you choose, you can also be a hands-on care giving Jazzpurr House volunteer, or contribute your time and talents in other ways, such as fundraising and special events.

If you have any questions, or would like more information on adoptions, please send us an email.