JohnnyJOHNNY - Male

Johnny is a beautiful boy who likes attention and being groomed gently. He would be best suited for a quiet home with no young children.

Best Home: A quiet, loving couple or individual

MillieMILLIE - Female

Millie is a beautiful female with unique colouring and markings. She loves attention and being groomed. She would be best suited for a quiet home.

Best Home: A quiet, loving couple or individual

SunnySUNNY - Female (3-4 years)

Sunny is a sweet cat with beautiful markings. She likes attention, but on her terms. Her favourite spot is atop the office desk where periodically she likes to dole out kisses and licks on the neck to those whom she deems ‘worthy’.

Sunny would prefer a home where she’s allowed to reign supreme with no other animals.

Best Home: A quiet home with no cats, dogs or children.

Abigail ABIGAIL - Female (2-3 years)

Abigail came to Jazzpurr House as a very pregnant but friendly stray. She had a litter of four babies, which all except Fergie have been adopted.

Abigail is a beautiful girl with amazing colour markings and is very affectionate.

Best Home: A loving family, couple or individual


FERGIE - Female (Born April 7, 2008)

Fergie is a beautiful black kitten born to Abigail. She is playful and affectionate but a tiny bit shy.

She would make a great addition to families with older children.

Best Home: A loving family with older children, couple or individual


KELLY - Female (9 years)

Kelly came to Jazzpurr many years ago as a very friendly, pregnant stray. Her kittens have all long been adopted but Kelly continues to wait patiently waiting for her purrfect human companion(s). Kelly is sweet and quiet and would be an excellent part of the family.

Best Home: A mature couple or individual


SOPHIE - Female

Sophie can be slow to warm up but once she does she sure knows how to make up for lost time! She could easily win the award for "Best Lap Cat of the Year". Once on your lap, she will snuggle and shower you with kisses until finally curling up and falling fast asleep on your lap.

Best Home: A mature couple or individual


COLBY - Male
Colby is a huge goofball. He loves attention and looks right in your eyes when you talk to him. He loves to play and to sit on your lap during his occasional "down time".



ELLY & GABBY - Females (8 years)
Gabby and Elly are a bonded pair and must be adopted together.

Elly and Gabby were young strays when they came to Jazzpurr with their mother Annie. They are both sweet cats but are very timid with new faces. When adopted, they will need a long time to adjust. Elly has extra toes.

Best Home: A quiet home with no dogs, no children.

MickeyMICKEY - Male (Born 1995)

Mickey came from the home of an elderly woman with multiple cats. He is affectionate but quiet, and sometimes startles easily. He has half a tail, which may be an old injury. Mickey is a beautiful gray cat, who who would make a great companion for the right

Best Home: Quiet home with loving mature couple or individual

KittyKITTY - Male (12 years)

Kitty is an extremely affectionate, beautiful boy who would love to follow you around and rub on your leg. He is the "Rock Star" of the shelter as he is usally everyone's favourite cat to be around because he is so easy going and friendly. The vets believe that Kitty has some type of cancer after he a little bit of weight and some fur. He seems to be doing well and asks that you don’t hold it against him when thinking about adoption.

Best Home: A loving mature couple or individual.

RoxieROXIE - Female (4 years)

Roxie is a sweet cat who's been patiently waiting for her forever home. She has beautiful markings and her fur is soft like silk. She is a bit shy and reserved but will make a great companion with time to adjust.

Best Home: A loving couple or individual. No dogs please.

SmokeySMOKEY - Male (18 years)

Smokey was brought to Jazzpurr over 15 years ago when his guardians' lives changed and they could no longer care for him. Smokey is a very intelligent cat who would like a peaceful and quiet home to live out his remaining years.

Best Home: A loving couple or individual. No other cats or dogs please

SpookySPOOKY - Female (5 years)

Spooky’s full life story is not known, but it is believed that she was an outdoor cat that was taken in by a woman who cared for strays. We do know that due to a family tragedy, Spooky and other cats were required to leave the home. At this time, Spooky was roughly manhandled. She is VERY timid, will need a lot of need time to adjust to a new home and but most likely will never be a friendly, "lap cat". She is not aggressive, but generally does not like being touched.

Best Home: Very quiet home with no dogs or children

TishTISH - Female

Tish has amazing colours and markings. She is very people friendly but likes attention on her own terms. She occasionally startles easily, so a quiet home where she can be the 'one & only' animal would be the best match for her.

Best Home: A quiet, loving couple or individual

SydneySYDNEY - Female

Adoption: On Hold

There are four new kittens to the shelter! Their names are Lily, Poppy, Willow and Clematis.


LILY - Female (Kitten)

Lily is a sweet girl who loves to purr. She is quieter and much more shy than her brother and sisters. She is happy to sit on your lap and fall asleep for hours!

ClematisCLEMATIS - Male (Kitten)

Clematis is the only male of the litter. He is a very energectic and adorably friendly cat. He has been known to give kisses on the nose and fall asleep upside down when he has been worn out after playing.


PoppyPOPPY - Female (Kitten)

Poppy is a cuddly and delightful young girl. She adores people and can't seem to ever stop purring!

WillowWILLOW - Female (Kitten)

Willow is a loving little girl who is the 'care taker' of the litter. She can be seen bathing her brother and sisters and is more than happy to be used as a pillow for her siblings.

Thelma Louise Two new kittens have arrived at the shelter! Their names are Thelma and Louise. Please note that they won’t be ready for adoption until they are 16 weeks old and have been spayed/vaccinated/microchipped. They’ve already tested negative for Feline Aids & Leukemia.

Louise THELMA - Female (Kitten)

Thelma and her sister Louise recently came into the shelter and they are two of the dearest cats you will ever meet. Thelma has beautiful markings and the sweetest of temperaments.

LOUISE Louise - Female (Kitten)

Louise is quite talkative and looks right in your eyes when you talk to her. With such big eyes and a lively personality to match, it is impossible not to fall in love with her the minute you see her.