Windsor Family Credit Union Jazzpurr Society for Animal Protection was honoured to receive funding from the "Windsor Family Credit Union" .
You can read their Media Release here.

2004 Philanthropy Award Dorit Girash was honoured by the Association of Fundraising Professionals with the "Outstanding Fundraising Volunteer" award. Board of Director, Dr. Lois Smedick was also the recipient of the "Spirit of Philanthropy" award.

Dr. Lois Smedick & Dorit Girash
Dr. Lois Smedick & Dorit Girash
IDA Award
In Defense of Animals honoured Dorit Girash with a Guardian Award in Hollywood, California.
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To read more about the award, check out these sites: Guardian Award and Guardian Campaign
Dorit Girash & Dr. Jane Goodall, Guardian Award Recipients
Dorit Girash & Dr. Jane Goodall, Guardian Award Recipients
Windsor/Essex Non-Profit Excellence
Jazzpurr is honoured to have won the Windsor/Essex Non-Profit Excellence Award in both " 2002 and 2004"
The Journey to Excellence requires:
Courage to explore and take risks
Curiosity to consider new ideas
Commitment to learn from experience
Determination to apply the lessons
In order to Improve Individual, Team and Organizational Performance

Please read Barry Fowler's (Chief Governance Officer of the Windsor/Essex Non-profit Support Network) words regarding Recognizing Professionalism and Accountability.

Board Members and Staff of Jazzpurr Society