What is Biophilia?

Literally interpreted, it means "Love of Life". More descriptively, it is a concept that unites the research of many academic disciplines all of which found that

We Human Beings, in Order to Live an Optimal Physical, Psychological and Spiritual Life, Need to Live a Life Integrated with the Full Diversity of Nature.

It asserts a biological and evolutionary basis for most fundamental values people attach to nature, particularly living biota. The effective realization of these values is integral to the full expression of our humanity.

The notion of Biophilia proclaims a human dependence on nature extending far beyond the narrow demand for physical and material sustenance to a broader range of emotional, intellectual and even spiritual needs.

(Kellert, Stephen R.. Biophilia and Humanity. New York: Delta Society Conference, October, 1994; and Kellert, Stephen R. and Wilson, Edward O. The Biophilia Hypothesis. Washington, DC, Shearwater Books, 1993). Integrated Past

Past Recipients:

2006: Dr. Jane Goodall

2005: Ron Kagan
     (Animal Angel: Melanie Coulter; Lifetime Service Award: Dr. Dorothy Goldin      Rosenberg)

2004: Dr. Ralph Billingsley
     (Animal Angel:
Linda Merle; Lifetime Service Award: Rick Coronado; Posthumous      Recognition: Lise Masseau)

2003: Windsor City Council

2002: Ms. Pearl Bradd
     (Animal Angel:
Lesley Fox; Lifetime Service Award: Dr. Murray McMullen)

2001: Mr. Ian Naisbitt

2000: Dr. Tom Barnard


Why Give a "Biophilia" Award?
The time has come for Windsor and Essex County to give recognition and encouragement to those among us who have worked the hardest and effected the greatest impact in making ours a more "biophilial" community so that we can pass to our children and grandchildren a living and healthy planet and a firm foundation of renewed respect for all life and its delicacy and wonderment at its beauty.

Who Should Be Nominated for the "Biophilia" Award?
Think about those people or groups who have had the most significant impact in actualizing the above ideals or creating a social environment in which change can take place to make ours a more biophilial community. All persons in Windsor and Essex County are invited to nominate a candidate or group.

Nominees can come from a variety of fields: animal advocacy, environmental protection, child advocacy, seniors advocacy, and many more.

Candidates should exemplify the ideals of "love of life" and have contributed to making our community (or the world) more "life-friendly".

If you'd like to nominate someone please use our printable form.

If you require further information,
Please contact: Dorit Girash at 519-258-9299