Our Education Programs

The long-term goal of our Society is to eliminate the need for any shelter. This can only be accomplished through a long-term educational program in conjunction with our spay/neuter program. At the present time, the Society provides the following education services to its members, the professional community, and the general public:

LET-LIVE CONFERENCES: Will facilitate Canada´s evolution to a more compassionate national community that respects and saves animals´ lives and provides optimal care for them. The newly formed national group will provide resources to improve the lives of animals across the country and facilitate the conversion of communities to "Let-Live". It will consider developing national standards - perhaps accreditation - for no-kill shelters and address the problems that cause animal abandonment, neglect, and cruelty.

BIOPHILIA PROJECT: to emphasize the need for human beings to live a life integrated with the diversity of nature, Jazzpurr through its Advisory Board invites the community to nominate persons or groups as recipients of the annual Biophilia Award to be given for outstanding impact in making our community more biophilial, or life-loving. Click here for more information

SENIOR SUPPORT SERVICE: Companion animals have long been used to combat loneliness, depression, and other emotional problems including inactivity and stress. This program assists Seniors who need help and support to care for their animals.

ANIMAL ASSISTED THERAPY: It is well known that children with a variety of developmental problems can thrive as a result of connecting with animals. For seniors, it can be a reason to get up in the morning. Young offenders can find their empathy through bonding with a small animal. Jazzpurr Society provides opportunities for persons in a variety of treatment programs to interact with selected shelter cats in a structured, therapeutic setting.

COUNSELLING AND SUPPORT SERVICES: Adopters receive our support and counselling service by telephone or by home visit. The general public receives free advice/information on a broad range of issues by trained animal care counsellors.

SCHOOL VISITATIONS: The Society has an excellent program of activities for all primary levels suitable for a school visit and follow-up.

THE JAZZPURR JOURNAL: A quarterly publication which includes articles on cat health and behaviour, socio-political news, and Society news. It is included in the cost of membership ($20/annum)

THE JAZZPURR LIBRARY: Contains texts, journals, magazines, videotapes, computer diskettes of downloaded electronic information, the Electronic Merck Veterinary Manual, and a large selection of individual print articles. They cover all aspects of cat care from a broad range of disciplinary perspectives, from empirical science to homeopathy. Use of the library is available to all members by pre-arrangement

SEMINARS/GUEST SPEAKERS: The Society has held numerous special events meetings with guest speakers on a variety of cat care topics - nutrition, behaviour, vaccinations, human-animal bond, etc.

CAT DEMOGRAPHICS SURVEY: In preparation for the potential opening of a free spay/neuter service, the Society conducted a city-wide survey on cat demographics. You can read the results here. (Adobe Acrobat Reader will be required to view, you can download it at adobe.com)

CAT CARE COMMUNIQUE'S: Individual monographs on cat care, available to all members and sent free of charge to anyone requesting them. These will soon be available online.

WEB PAGE: Jazzpurr reaches the world through its web page. Questions on animal care, questions on starting and running no-kill shelters, collaboration with sister groups across the globe - all part of the day's work.

"CHOOSE LOVE" CAMPAIGN: Recognizing the correlation between animal and child abuse, Jazzpurr Society For Animal Protection, together with the Council for the Prevention of Child Abuse launched a year-long billboard campaign encouraging people to always choose the loving alternatives.

Choose-Love Billboard

"Children learn what they live; children identify with animals"
Click on this little movie clip to learn what they learn. (Created by Porkpie Hat & CENEX Inc. for the Nova Scotia SPCA)
Needs Quicktime to be viewed.

MAKING THE CONNECTION: ANIMAL ABUSE AND FAMILY VIOLENCE: Together with a number of community agencies, such as The Council for the Prevention of Child Abuse, the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, the Greater Windsor and Essex County Public School Board, Hiatus House, the Regional Children's Centre, the Children's Aid Society, the City of Windsor and professional groups, Jazzpurr has organized a major conference to bring the latest research on the relationship of animal abuse and family violence to the community and is continuing in its initiative to reduce and eliminate abuse toward all living beings.

EMPATHY PROJECT: With the help of AM800, CKLW Radio, Jazzpurr through its Advisory Board ran a wonderful radio campaign extoling the virtues of empathy as a natural and inherent quality in all humans to be nurtured throughout life.

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