Nonprofit Excellence Awards
Recognizing Professionalism and Accountability

Public reliance on programs and services offered by voluntary organizations is growing rapidly. As government programs are cut, stewardship of the social safety net is passed to this sector. With pressure for increased services continuing to grow, there is a corresponding necessity for organizations to improve their level of efficiency - to answer the same challenge the business world has been faced with - "do more with less".

Responding to this reality is an occasion to which voluntary agencies continue to rise. The ability of many nonprofit groups to deliver professional programs and services with minimal overhead is not uncommon; in fact it is more often the rule than the exception. Unfortunately these high standards of quality go largely unrecognized, especially among smaller organizations that perhaps have not achieved the level of public recognition of larger, more well funded agencies.

It is our belief that outstanding services can best be produced through careful planning and execution, combined with an unflagging commitment to public accountability. We share this conviction with The Peter F. Drucker Canadian Foundation, which is committed to finding innovators in the nonprofit sector, then recognizing and celebrating their example in order to inspire others to action. The inspiration for the Foundation is Peter F. Drucker himself, the acknowledged "father" of modern management. One of the world's most influential writers on management as a crucial component to all organizations in society, which is why his work has also focused on the nonprofit sector. In this area - where needs are dramatic and financial resources are typically very limited - that Drucker sees a particular challenge to help organizations practice innovation.

It is my priviledge, therefore, to thank you for participating in our 4th Annual Nonprofit Excellence Awards and wish you all the best. While the five highest scoring organizations will qualify to apply to The Peter F. Drucker Award for Canadian Nonprofit Insnovation with a shortened version of the application, the very fact that you have chosen to get involved is an indictation of your commitment to high standards of professionalism and accountability.


Barry Fowler
Chief Governance Officer
Windsor/Essex Nonprofit Support Network