Our "Feral Fix" Partners Are Talking...

"Thanks for the support of the spay program. Without your help I would not have been able to keep the cat that decided to call our house its home. After caring for and finding homes for 4 litters shortly after moving here, I would not have been able to keep her here. She has become a part of the family and great friends with our dogs and grandchildren. She still lives outside but has shelter, food and water available. She even tries to lay with one of the dogs now, in his kennel. Luckily the dogs love her too. Your program gave her this great opportunity for friendship and safety." Amherstburg

We cannot thank Jazzpurr enough for the help we received last fall/winter. They fixed four stray cats for us when we were feeling very overwhelmed with the situation. Not only were we caring for seven cats (3 indoor/4 outdoor) but there was a never-ending supply of kittens to care for and adopt out to good homes. Thanks to Jazzpurr, last spring and summer was the first in many years that no litters were born in our backyard. We are proof that Jazzpurr's spay/neuter program works and is the most humane way of dealing with stray cats. Thank you Jazzpurr and keep up the good work! Tecumseh

The Jazzpurr Society is well organized; any written communication I have received has been clear, to-the-point and helpful in assisting me as a caregiver. In my experience, Jazzpurr balances compassion for animals with intelligent, problem-solving real world action. Windsor

I am very grateful for the cats that JAZZPURR has helped me with in the past. They (the cats) should have rights too!! Thanks you for everything and keep up the GOOD WORK!! =) Belle River

My stray cat 'Oldtimer' would not be here if it weren't for you. I am so grateful and I know he is too. He suffered so much before I contacted you. I think you are the most wonderful organization I ever encountered. When I could do nothing because of no money, you came along and helped. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Windsor

The free spay/neuter clinic at Jazzpurr was absolutely lifesaving. As a caregiver, resources are limited, yet cat pregnancies are not. The animals deserve the care, and a chance to live humanely among our communities. Thanks a million from me and all our furry friends. Windsor

I have four cats that went through the Jazzpurr spay/neuter program. The cats were well cared for and the technician was very nice. They answered any and all questions. Without the Jazzpurr Society, I could not have afforded on my own to have them spayed. I very much appreciated their help. Windsor

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