Our Volunteers

Dorit, Jazzpurr President and Founder
A Jazzpurr Volunteer Is a Very Special Person...

S/He gives her time, talents, experience and expertise to make this a better world - for every living being. The care and kindness given to Jazzpurr cats and their people have widespread effects on the level of decency and compassion in this community, neighbouring communities and the world.

S/He has an internal integrity that is extraordinary. S/He gives her best, does her best, is her best, without the incentive of money.

This is Truly the Work of An Angel.

Some of The Joys of Volunteering ..

  • Develop new skills and knowledge on all aspects of cat care and behaviour.
  • Meet and work with interesting and special people who also love cats.
  • Attend free workshops and seminars.
  • Gain experience in team work and group leadership.
  • Make a difference in the quality of life of cats.
  • Know that they are actively and affirmatively helping needy animals.
  • Receive recognition and awards.
  • Help change societal attitudes to produce a better climate for cats in the community.
  • Participate in high-profile community events.
  • Learn a variety of skills such as computer work, desk top publishing, interviewing, counselling, and fundraising.
  • Enjoy the love of wonderful cats and kittens.
  • Get many purrs and thanks.

How To Become a Jazzpurr Society Volunteer

* Complete and return the VOLUNTEER ENROLLMENT FORM. Apply online or Print and Fill out our Application and mail or fax to us.
* Meet with the director of volunteers to discuss your personal goals, availability and best job assignment.
* Meet with the director of your job area to complete an agreement defining specific responsibilities.
* Participate in training appropriate for your particular job choice.

Volunteer Positions


Cat Care Giver:
Feeds cats, records food intake and other behaviours, cleans cat facilities, plays with cats, socializes cats, provides behavioural therapy, assists with weighing, blood and fecal tests, participates in training sessions, takes telephone messages.

Responds to calls regarding adoptions. Conducts adoption interviews; assesses adopters' suitability; provides pre- and post-adoption counselling. May maintain a list of cats wanted for adoption, designs and distributes posters and advertisements regarding cats available for adoption; may speak to special groups regarding cat adoptions. Requires extensive knowledge of the human-animal bond literature and interviewing skills.


Clinical Coordination Assistant:
Responds to calls requesting clinical services: explains program, counsels on feral cat care; schedules clinic appointments, assists with mailing and document processing. Excellent communications skills are required for this position.

Clinical Assistant:
Assists with the preparation of surgical equipment; assists with the admission of cats to clinic; assists with surgical procedures; assists with post-surgical care and discharge. Ideally this position is filled by a veterinary technician or student who has had rabies inoculations.


Provides basic counselling regarding problems with cats. Requires extensive knowledge of cat care, the human-animal bond literature and counselling skills.

Assists in the maintenance of the library. Researches and sends written literature to persons requesting such information.

School Counsellor:
Presents our elementary school cat care program to children in schools.

Kids' Kitty Camp Facilitator:
Leads half-day kids' camps on cat care.

Cat Care Teacher:
Presents a variety of courses and/or seminars.

Researches and writes articles for the Jazzpurr Journal and Cat Care Communiqués.

Desk-Top Publisher:
Designs educational and publicity literature including the lay-out for our Journal.

Web Wizard:
Updates and maintains our web site. Does internet searches for members; maintains files of downloaded literature and information.

Animal Assisted Therapist:
Provides programs which integrate animal care with treatment programs for a variety of therapeutic and enrichment clients.


Board of Directors
Provides overall governance and leadership to the organization.

Committee Chairs and Members
Leads and/or participates in one or more standing or subcommittees of the Board of the Directors.


General Office Work:
Photocopying, word processing, mailing, etc.

Answering the telephone; referring calls, taking messages.

Maintains computerized and written records of all financial transactions. Corresponds with donors.

Membership Secretary:
Maintains computerized and written records of all membership transactions. Corresponds with members.


Grant Writing
Writes grant proposals

Donation Cans:
Distribution and collection of donation cans.

Grocery Stores Tapes:
Tallying of donated tapes

Phonathons/ Mail Campaigns:
Organizes annual telephone and mail giving programs.

Special Events:
Assists in the organization of sales, banquets, non-event events, etc.

Special Projects:
Develops and organizes special fundraising projects such as: Planned Giving, Endowments, Capital Campaigns, Corporate Giving.

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